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As you may have found in your own research, CBD is the talk of the town. From people piling CBD oil into their smoothies and “adaptogen” packets, the sky seems to be the limit on what CBD can help alleviate symptoms for. It can be hard to know where to turn, and what your options are when you just want to try something. CBD oil right now seems expensive as if it has no limit on what it can do. It’s available in multiple different forms, from topical creams to pills and beyond to pet supplements. To say the least, it’s a confusing industry to try and understand, and it’s even more confusing to try and purchase something from it.

But don’t fret, there’s no reason to be intimidated by CBD oil and the people selling it. We won’t bite. We actually believe that the more you know about our product, the more you’ll appreciate it. We know that it can help people’s lives get better. And we want to make it as easy as possible for you to make a decision that could change the way you enjoy your life.

Why Does Buying CBD Seem Taboo?

One of the major obstacles for lots of people approaching a new CBD oil regimen is the speculation and attitude toward CBD. Half of the people sing its praises in nearly hyperbolic tones while others discount it as a placebo and snake oil. Those are two very loud and very divisive opinions. It can be hard to base your opinion on one or the other because no one is really citing any reliable sources for their opinions and that’s because of one major factor: The FDA has only just approved CBD oil for testing. Colleges and other research facilities have jumped at the chance to start doing real testing on this supposed miracle substance, but that only happened a few months ago. Lots of studies kicked-off the moment they mentioned that the FDA was gonna release it’s own verdict on CBD oil soon, but they haven’t really had enough time to get under way. If they rush these studies, they’ll be considered null and they won’t help or hinder the sales of CBD, nor will they be able to shed any light on how effective CBD oil is at what it claims to alleviate. So, it will be sometime before there’s loads of studies that can help the FDA as well as the skeptics draw much in the way of solid conclusions.

Up until the FDA acknowledged CBD oil, there was a very limited amount of studies being conducted on it, and it certainly didn’t get the FDA badge of approval at the time. However, there were still studies being done, and they found a variety of interesting details out about how CBD interacted in the brain. Some of these studies covered things like the anti-inflammatory abilities of CBD. That’s hardly a huge revelation, we know, as blueberries have a similar effect at times. Additionally, there have already been a couple of studies conducted that included information about CBD’s proposed effects on anxiety and overall social anxiety disorders.

So, it’s not really a lack of scientific evidence that points to these benefits, it’s a lack of FDA approval paired with a rather limited number of these studies being in existence. Some go so far as to speculate about the procedures these studies utilized to find their results and others still argue that the FDA’s hesitation to acknowledge CBD as a potential medical supplement stem from protectionism of the pharmaceutical companies. These are all largely unsubstantiated claims and it’s much easier to put away the tin foil hat for a moment and look at what the scientific journals have already published.After all, with the number of studies already in existence, just because it’s not enough for the FDA to make a definitive decision on does not mean that it’s not enough for you to make your own decision on.

So what are the supposed benefits that you could access by starting a CBD oil regimen? Take a look.

What Are The Benefits of CBD?

While CBD is certainly an up-and-coming supplement, what exactly are the benefits? Well, because the FDA has put the cabash on anyone claiming something that’s not true for something that’s under their review, we can only tell you the testimonials and what other people have claimed in regard to reaping any benefit from CBD in your diet.

At the moment, CBD seems to be something you hear about first from a friend who’s either on a regimen and believes in the powers of the CBD oil they’re using, or you hear about it from a skeptic that might relay to you all the reasons you should be skeptical. However, a logical mind can always determine what an opinion should be formed on when you step away and examine both sides with a critical eye. Only then can you catch the fallacies believed by both parties before you become embroiled and begin believing whatever you’re told to believe. That being said, after you’ve heard where the skeptics are coming from, it seems fitting that you ought to know what the believers are saying as well.

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PTSD and Anxiety

The biggest champions for CBD at the moment are the folks who have been diagnosed with PTSD or anxiety disorder. After the popular CBD brand by the name of Charlotte's Web made it into the press for providing a product that helped a little girl with seizures calm her symptoms down, loads of people with chronic diseases have turned to CBD with the hope that it might at least take the edge off some of the more harrowing symptoms. These communities of people sing the loudest praises for CBD because they enjoy its effects and how it helps them cope with their illness. They remain one of the more convincing examples of how CBD can positively affect your health and wellness.

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Insomnia and Depression

Lots of people suffer from a variety of adverse effects when they have a mental illness. For example, someone with depression might, from time-to-time, experience issues with anxiety symptoms and insomnia as well as lots of other adverse symptoms that can affect their daily stress levels as well as their quality of life.

In a study some years ago, researchers found that people on a specific CBD dosage reported fewer dreams during the night and reported better sleep as a result. They measured these against the people taking placebo CBD, who found no change in their sleeping patterns.

The people who benefited from these effects speak highly of the effects CBD can have on mental health as well as daily wellness and productivity.

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We may not know everything about CBD, but we do know how it works. While many are concerned that the effects of CBD are the same effects as marijuana, we know that’s not true. Not simply because it’s bad for business to be peddling pet friendly marijuana products, but because we know the CBD compound interacts with the mammal brain entirely differently. There are two sensors in your brain that pick up on hemp compounds in your brain, they’re a part of your endocannabinoid system, which all mammals have. There are CB1 receptors and CB2 receptors. The receptor that picks up on THC and creates the resulting high feeling cannot sense CBD. Instead, the other receptor picks up on its presence in the body. This is how we know about its anti-inflammatory effects and thus, its resulting effects on pain. While CBD won’t provide you with a high, it can potentially deflame certain pain points on your body via those same receptors in the endocannabinoid system. While more studies need to be done on how the endocannabinoid system interacts with the other inner-workings of our body, in the meantime, you can always give a topical CBD a try to relieve arthritis pain and other chronic issues if you’d like to give it a try.

What is CBG?

You may not be familiar with it yet, but CBD’s other brother has emerged as another potentially beneficial compound within the hemp family. It goes by the name of CBG and is somehow more shrouded in mystery than even CBD is. So what is it?

CBG stands for “cannabigerol” and it’s being studied just like CBD is for its potential pharmaceutical use. This one has yet to make an appearance in clinical trials, partially because it’s rather rare. While CBD and THC make up the large majority of a cannabis plant, CBG is rarely found in very large quantities, and in order to really study it properly, you have to be able to find it in large quantities or else it won’t be a very conclusive or successful study. That’s because it’s very much like the “stem cell” for those other more well-known cannabis compounds. CBG is the compound that eventually becomes THC or CBD. Thus, finding it in its purest form is no easy task. For this very reason, members of the scientific community are already hypothesizing on the compound’s potential good effects. Perhaps the basic ingredient for something that accomplishes Y might be able to also accomplish Y without any potential side effects that the finished product has.

For example, studies are currently being performed to test if CBG could treat glaucoma’s symptoms. CBD cannot help people with glaucoma but THC often does. If, however, you don’t want to deal with the high that THC provies, how are you supposed to treat your illness? The study is currently testing to see if CBG could replace THC’s role in treating glaucoma symptoms. While nothing is conclusive yet, it is a fascinating thought that you might be able to use a cannabis stem cell to side step the ultimate downside of using THC: becoming inebriated.

Is it Worth It To Consult With Someone In-Person About CBD Usage and Dosage?

As we’ve outlined above, CBD and the other cannabis compounds can be confusing. If you’re feeling more overwhelmed than enlightened, we totally understand. Most folks take a glance at our FAQ page and get caught-up in all of the questions they should be asking. There’s dosages and types to consider as well as so many other factors that can quickly become overwhelming when you’re just trying to scroll through the available products online. We know that, and like we said before, our main interest is to make this a simplistic and easy process. We don’t want you to suffer from a case of over analysis paralysis that forces you to put off trying a CBD regimen for your ailments. That’s why we have our brick-and-mortar shop that offers CBD oil in Scottsdale.

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Don’t Waste Time

To us, it’s like trying to buy a laptop. You can research and dig into reviews online as much as you want, but in the end you’re gonna wanna see the product in person before you commit and spend that much money on it. While CBD isn’t prohibitively expensive it does put a small strain on one of your resources: Time. You'll have to spend time shopping for the right CBD product, figuring out the right dosage, fiddling with that dosage when you don’t see results, mixing drops into your water and so much more. All of those things to get your CBD regimen take time because you’re starting your knowledge base from scratch. We have plenty of CBD regimen knowledge on hand and available to you at all times.

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Get The Right Dosage

Dosages on medication are complex. When you’re prescribed a medication at the doctor, they’re often starting you at the most basic dosage. For CBD there’s not much of a starting spot. There’s so many different reasons to use CBD that without a goal in mind, it's really hard to find a good dosage to start on. Without experienced knowledge that can base your dosage, like a doctor would, on your wight, your age, and your needs. That’s pretty difficult to do online.

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Get a Personalized Experience

Like we mentioned above, dosages and types of ailments require different treatments. If you’re looking to start your CBD journey out on the right foot, it wouldn’t be disadvantageous to come and speak with the experts. We have a dedicated staff who are here to help you problem solve, find the best products for you and help you tweak and apply your regimen better to help you seek a better sense of health and wellness. When you come and visit our us for CBD in Scottsdale, you receive a more personalized and enlightening experience. We’re here to make sure you get the right product, so you have worries about buying the wrong CBD for you, just come and see us instead.

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The biggest champions for CBD at the moment are the folks who have been diagnosed with PTSD or anxiety disorder. After the popular CBD brand by the name of Charlotte's Web made it into the press for providing a product that helped a little girl with seizures calm her symptoms down, loads of people with chronic diseases have turned to CBD with the hope that it might at least take the edge off some of the more harrowing symptoms. These communities of people sing the loudest praises for CBD because they enjoy its effects and how it helps them cope with their illness. They remain one of the more convincing examples of how CBD can positively affect your health and wellness.

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If you’re looking for more information about how to use your CBD products in recipes or how to alter your regimen to better fulfill your wellness needs, refer to our articles. We love sharing smoothie and appetizer recipes where you can get your daily CBD oil intake in fun and creative ways and we want to keep you informed about the updates in the CBD industry. When we know about more definitive studies supporting the qualities of CBD products, you’ll know.

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