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How Academia Is Fighting To Support The CBD Industry

CBD is on the rise, that’s no secret. There’s an army of reviewers and health gurus screaming it’s praises from the highest hills of all the internet forums and, for once, scientists are actually listening to trends. The FDA is on it’s way to start looking at how CBD actually affects the human body and, on a broader level, mammal body. In fact, the surge in academic research and attention paid to the plant extract has the loads of CBD fans jumping for joy. After all, there’s nothing quite like being told you’re crazy for benefiting from something that has no pharmaceutical value for the loads of different drug companies that are shoe-horning opioids into the industry rather than encouraging larger quantities of advil. Academic research is on the rise, and with it comes the opportunity for a variety of CBD companies to partner with their nearby colleges and start building a brand that’s validated by an academic partner. Certainly, if a brand is not only armed with high-quality products but also a higher education facility’s stamp of approval, they’ll look like definitive authorities on the health benefits of the product.

The Research Boom

Near July, the FDA will be taking their “final comments” from the public in regard to how we all believe they should be regulating CBD products and other over the counter cannabis products. In fact, your suggestions are due by July 16th. This closer deadline is a product of their promise to “expedite” the review of the various cannabis products they’re trying to roll out sooner rather than later. This is, generally speaking, great news. The new legal status is promoting a heavy research boom and it’s being funded by the huge group of fresh entrepreneurs that have all thrown their hat in, hoping this industry will take off. And it will, if the FDA lifts the weird barriers they’ve locked CBD and Cannabis in with. For years CBD has dismissed as being essential oil driven healing instead of actual medicine. That might be about to change though. These tests aren’t just answering the question “Does CBD Cure Stuff?” It’s addressing questions with very specific origins and bolstering the credibility of CBD’s effects on the entire body. For example, Medterra, a popular line of CBD products is helping sponsor Baylor College in Houston to research whether CBD specifically can help alleviate symptoms of arthritis through the cartilage. 

Research Of All Types is Good For Business

Though, some might say that targeting specific inquiries might be avoiding the larger question of “Does CBD Work?” It’s more about establishing what does work with CBD just as much as it is about addressing what won’t work with CBD. If the data concludes that CBD doesn’t address the cartilage, then there will be further tests to examine how the compound interacts with the endocannabinoid system. 38 different universities on top of the FDA are currently researching the different effects of CBD on the body, and they’ll all start compiling data and publishing papers that aid us in making advised decisions about ingesting and using CBD products. Whatever they find, will only help us gain a better understanding of how to prescribed doses and address certain issues with CBD compounds. Interestingly enough, there are more CBD clinical trials that are sponsored by universities at this time than there are private pharmaceutical companies looking into the effects of CBD. You can look at that however you’d like, but generally, when the pharmaceutical companies aren’t funding something, it’s because they suspect it’ll make them lose profits. 

Want To Influence How CBD is Regulated? 

The FDA’s health regulator is currently asking the public to share “scientific literature” and any other collections of data that suggest what the appropriate CBD dosing levels should be, what the drug interactions are that people should be aware of and if there are impacts to the elderly, children, pregnant women and lactating women and if there’s any evidence of risk of long-term exposure. If you’re a long-time CBD user, you’re already familiar with many of the answers to these questions as well as how the effects have benefitted you. The FDA should hear it all so the CBD industry can continue to put out reliably wonderful products. 

Leading the Way With CBD Health and Wellness

A broader acceptance of the effects and the products themselves for CBD can only be a good thing. It can destigmatise an industry that we’re passionate about. We don’t need a load of published scientific papers to know what CBD oil can do for our friends and neighbors in the Phoenix area. Stop on by CBD Health and Wellness to pursue holistic wellness the right way, don’t wait on the results of year-long studies to start pursuing your wellness plan. Get started now.