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How Can I Find CBD Oil I Can Trust?

With the rise in popularity accompanying marijuana products, hemp extract oil can be hard to hunt down. At least, good CBD oil, that is. After all, taking a calculated regimen of CBD oil depends on your want to improve your health and wellness. It would be rather contradictory to put just anything into your body while attempting to achieve a new level of health. Thus, the question of “how to find high-quality CBD oil” rises, and with it, quite a few auxiliary questions to accompany it. Don’t fret though, we’re here to tell you want to look for on the label and why you shouldn’t be picking a bottle of mint flavored CBD oil off the rack at 7-11 when it finally hits stores coming up here.

Healthy Consumption

As you know, there’s a bunch of different factors that affect the farming of all different kinds of foods and other earth-byproducts. There are things in the soil that affect how the plant grows, what nutrients it pulls up, and there are factors like what’s sprayed on its leaves to keep bugs away, what time of year is planted during, what’s the climate, is the grow plot near any fracking or other potentially chemically hazardous things in the environment. We live in an era that’s very chemically and scientifically advanced but we’re still a touch naive about what the side effects to all this fresh new technology actually is. That means that every measure needs to be taken to ensure that everything starting from the roots up is healthy, and totally free of anything besides just pure earth and organic compounds, and then some.

The Soil

Our CBD oil and other products is harvested from soil that’s more than clean because of a very specific property of the classical hemp plant. The hemp species is unique in many ways but the specific process called “phytoremediation” is one of the most fascinating and has the most effect on hemp products. Cannabis is often used in farming situations around the world to purify the soil for other crops. The process of phytoremediation is when toxins are absorbed from the soil by the super fast growing cannabis roots where the plant stores the toxins permanently. The process was even used in Chernobyl after the nuclear disaster to remove the radioactive strontium and cesium from the soils and decrease the overall radiation from the area. In fact, the process even works on heavy metals in the soil, which is why planting a crop of purifying hemp in your soil is growing more popular in lieu of farms being contaminated by close chemical and steel plants that are actively releasing a variety of contaminants into the soil. For this reason, lots of hemp is actually corrupted with the same bad contents in the soil it was grown in because it’s is absorbent. Our soil is absurdly clean because we never wanna risk our extracts actually making you less healthy than you were. Which leads us to our next question:

Where Is Your Hemp Grown?

Because very few countries have much in the way of restricting companies and factories from pouring their waste into rivers soils and essentially your mouth, the U.S. is one of the safest places to grow hemp. The restrictions in place here are some of the best in the world in most areas which makes American grown hemp from family farms superior. They’re not genetically modified to make the hemp leaves the size of watermelons either, so that’s something special too.

Quality Control

As with anything organic, not everything turns out the same. For the manufacturer (us) that means you have to be comfortable tossing out the hemp extract that’s just not going to cut it. That means quality control needs to be done by hand with methodical attention to detail. That includes doing regular water tests to ensure everything is totally kosher. That means there’s nothing harmful in the super pure water we’re using to nurture each hemp plant in our possession. As cannabis is naturally absorbent, it’ll suck up any of those stray bits of bacteria and microbes that mess with the purity of the eventual CBD oil that we produce.

The Tests

Quality control goes hand-in-hand with consistency and that’s achieved by rigorous and regular testing. Our hemp is tested regularly during the harvest season to ensure that is meeting our requirements for the phytochemical profile we need in order to provide our customers with top-notch CBD oil. This meticulous processing ensures that each bottle and jar of our CBD oil products are totally consistent which increases their effectiveness.

CBD Health and Wellness’ Promise Of High-Quality CBD Oil

As a dedicated CBD manufacturer, we don’t only believe wholeheartedly in the beneficial effects of our product, we believe in the wellness you can achieve by maintaining a dedicated CBD oil regimen and we want to make sure you have access to affordably priced, high-quality CBD oil to pursue that wellness. You can find out more about what folks around the world are now using hemp extract oil for, like helping ease symptoms of depression and aiding in their day-to-day activities by relieving chronic pain, but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. Shop our products now and open the door for yourself to a better life without unnecessary stress, anxiety or pain today.

*Please feel free to reach out to us and ask us more about our specific hemp growing policies and how we derive our CBD oil extract.