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Why Trying CBD For Your Anxiety Isn’t a Bad Idea

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There’s a reason everyone is wary of CBD products nowadays. There are vendors on every street from Piccadilly Circus to Rodeo Drive claiming that CBD can cure any ailment. Your anxiety is nothing to CBD oil. They claim that you won’t have to quote George Castanza at work all the time screaming “Serenity now!” at every small request a co-worker makes of you. They claim you’ll sleep like a baby, you’ll forget all of your problems and what it’s like to be stressed. The hottest wellness trends have a way of notoriously filtering in and out of popularity with no real rhyme or reason, so it’s hard to really find out if any of the claims the health nuts are making really hold any truth. So how do you suss out what’s the next Keto diet fad and what’s popular because it’s actually making a difference in people’s lives? Start with research. 

The Facts Of CBD Oil

There are varying stages of anxiety and, as a symptom of other things in life, it’s an expected side effect to being in the 21st century. Whether it’s work stress or something caused by relationship issues, anxiety can plague a person on the day-to-day on a pretty regular basis. While some cynical Gen-Xers might claim that the wide-spread anxiety craze is just a lack of coping mechanisms, there are those among us who are diagnosed with real anxiety issues. There is also some discussion that the ever-present expectations surrounding technology and its place in our careers and personal life increases anxiety for those in the younger demographic. Either way, there is a more pronounced presence of anxiety in our current culture and like most unpleasant things, the human mind strives to find a solution to that issue for itself and for others. Anxiety coping mechanisms, for that reason, are on the rise. 

You’ll be able to find loads of blogs on these very same coping mechanisms such as meditation, yoga, more regular exercise schedules, working with a therapist and even deep breathing exercises and good eating. For many though, these good habits simply aren’t enough to help them calm down after a long day of dealing with angry customers, stressed out clients or expectant bosses as well as satisfying the same daily chores you’re required to complete as a functional adult. Enter CBD oil for anxiety. 

Many people, from dieticians to proper scientists, have weighed in on the question, “does CBD cure anxiety symptoms?” but there remains very little in the way of clinical studies and data-based fact to really weigh in on the CBD debate within the scientific community. The data we do have has been pulled from smaller experiments that are only just surfacing with the pressure the FDA is currently under to release a verdict on CBD products. The research was completed using small groups of people and animals and the data collected from these small data sets does imply that CBD, at the very least, has a calming effect within the central nervous system.

The anxiety-reducing effects of CBD seem to be attributed to the CBD compound’s ability to bind itself to serotonin receptors in the brain and thus trigger a calming effect in mammals. That being said, the data sets have yet to really find a proper dosage to achieve these effects and studies are all over the board in what dosage they’ve used to achieve their desired effects in large sets of people. 

The main concern about this method of treating your anxiety with any dosage is that the concentration of the CBD compound could vary from product to product of what’s on the shelf. If a scientific study were to eventually conclude that you need at least 300-400 milligrams of CBD oil per day to get the desired effects of limited anxiety responses, there wouldn’t be much in the way of resources available to control your own intake. Basing your CBD oil purchase on the label is all well and good for most supplements, but that’s provided that most of those supplements are strictly monitored by the FDA. Because CBD oil is yet to be FDA approved, you can only trust some brands, making it much harder to shop for competitive prices and really monitor and run your own tests of you respond to CBD oil for your own anxiety symptoms. 

That’s where we come in. 

When you’re shopping through a variety of products that you’ve never used before, you’re confronted with tons of strange brands that you’ve never heard of on top of a product you’ve never used before. The best way to start a CBD oil regimen to see if you benefit from using cannabidiol is to go to your local CBD shop in Scottsdale. The best part about going to a brick and mortar store in any regard is accessing the knowledgeable sales staff who can filter the store’s products for you and point you in the direction of the product you need. While most brick and mortar stores don’t really provide that sort of service anymore, we do. We know that CBD is an unfamiliar product to most folks. Sure, you can look up what the right product is to start at and what the right dosage to start is, but all of that is generalized information. The benefit of visiting a CBD store in Scottsdale is we can hear your problems and your expectations and deduce what product would be best for you to get started on. 

If you’re looking for a personalized approach to your personal issues and ailments, you’ll need to visit us in person. 

If you’re thinking about trying CBD for your anxiety, we urge you to give it a shot. The studies that everyone else is waiting for won’t be coming out anytime soon and there’s no harm in trying something. Visit us soon and find out what CBD oil products will fit your needs best, where you should personally start you CBD product journey and how to read a label for the proper ingredients and the things you want in a good product versus what you don’t want. We’re here to be a resource for you and make it easy to find the solution to your issues if we can. 

Reach out to CBD Health and Wellness today and stop by our Scottsdale location to get started on your CBD journey today.